The 2 Best Apps To Help You Scan Skincare Ingredients

Codecheck Think Dirty Apps die Kosmetik Inhalte scannen

While you’re at the store, reading and googling e v e r y single label on your shampoo or body lotion package can be really time consuming, especially if the list reads like the ingredients of a chemical laboratory. I don’t know how you feel, but I’ve been tricked many times by buying some cosmetics brand labeled with good-sounding words like “natural” or “organic”  just to find out that this product is anything but organic… So what’s the easy solution here? Apps than scan skincare ingredients of course!!

I went ahead and tested six different apps which scan barcodes and then tell the user if the product is safe or not. Out of those that I’ve pre-selected and tested, Think Dirty and Codecheck are my two favorites. They’re complementing each other perfectly, Think Dirty covering most of the American brands and Codecheck the German and European ones. Australia, if you have an app like this Down Under, please let me know!


Think Dirty App to scan skincare ingredients

I already love this suggestive name, don’t you? 😉 Think Dirty scans your product barcode and within seconds you’ll receive a rating between 0 and 10, 0-3 being safe without any negative health impact. Products with a rating between 4-7 have moderate negative health effects, and you should definitely stay away from products marked with a red 8-10, as those are dirty with serious negative long term health effects. If you can’t find your product, it is easy to add to the Think Dirty database, they are constantly adding new products. Features include creating your own bathroom shelf, making a wish or like list and different lists of clean and dirty products. An additional fun feature is the option to shake random product suggestions.

Think Dirty, shop clean.


Codecheck App to scan skincare ingredients

Codecheck’s database contains a large variety of products not limited to just beauty, but also groceries and electronic devices. It works just as well as Think Dirty: you scan the barcode and it’ll give you a rating, listing all the ingredients in a colored rating scheme from red to green. The app rates between empfehlenswert (recommendable) eingeschränkt empfehlenswert (recommendable with limitations) and nicht empfehlenswert (not recommendable). Every ingredient rating comes with an in-depth description as to what it is used for, what the sources are and why it is good or bad. Should your product be more on the red side, Codecheck offers suggestions of similar products with better ratings plus a shopping button. An additional feature for interested people is a newspage about current health and sustainability topics,

Tip for anyone with special nutritional needs: this app lets you chose your preferences whether live vegan, gluten free or lactose free.

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