Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog! I’m writing about natural and organic skincare, wellness and other things I love. I grew up in Germany and was lucky enough to have my mum provide me with organic nutrition and skincare products such as Weleda and Dr. Hauschka and a lot of my knowledge is based on what I learned during my childhood. As teenager I developed my passion for beauty and skin care products and, oblivious of any harmful ingredients, I spent all my pocket money on cosmetics trying any brand that I could find in the drugstores. When I moved from Munich to California a few years ago I was surprised how health conscious everyone was; people seemed to be so much more aware of what may harm your body and thus jeopardize your well-being than anyone back home. I started reading blogs and books about healthy nutrition and supplements and wrote lists of what I needed to eat on a daily basis to regain and maintain my health and youthfulness. I tried different diets and put almost any fruit and vegetable on my skin to see the effects. I’ve also experimented with numerous lotions, masks, serums and oils – and discovered that the simplest, most natural ones provided the most amazing results.

My Philosophy

Nowadays everyone is so health conscious when it comes to food: most of us are eating organic, local food, we drink our green juice, eat gluten free cake, and make a detox a few times a year. But how effective is our detox really if we put all the bad chemicals that we are trying to get out of our body back on our skin? Our skin absorbs 70% of what we put on it, it is our biggest organ and it protects our body. So, naturally we should make it a habit to read cosmetic labels as carefully as food labels. It should also be a given that everything that comes into or onto our body is as close to its natural state as possible. Of course, the product should not only be healthy but also effective. Luckily, more and more amazing skin care brands are popping up everywhere. I have fun trying out new products and with this blog I hope to share the results of my “self-experiments” with you.

I am always searching for new products and brands, so if you have any good recommendations,  an organic skincare product you love, any amazing DIY recipes etc. please let me know and I will feature your idea/recipe!


Would you like your products reviewed?

I’m bying most products that I try myself, but happily accept samples. If you are a representative of a natural or organic skin care line and would like me to try your products, sponsor a giveaway, or guest blog or please send me an email to gingerandaloe@gmail.com

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