Amazing Things Aloe Vera Does to Your Skin

Aloe Vera plant. Aloe vera is one of the most potent plants when it comes to moisturizing and healing skin.

Aloe vera is one of the most potent plants when it comes to moisturizing and healing skin. My first use of this succulent’s gel was to treat a bad sunburn: cocktails by the pool on a hot summer day in Southern California, my skin is already nicely tanned from all these months in the sun. Just my sensitive nose rocks a sunburned red, and my legs are covered in mosquito bites, as always! After our pool session, a friend picks a few aloe vera leaves from the backyard and tells us to cover ourselves with the gel inside the leaves, as this should help cool down our sun-kissed and mosquito bitten skin, moisturizing it and reducing redness and itching. Wow, what an amazing plant, I think to myself and lather it on my thankful skin from head to toe. A few days and some google research later I’m on the road picking aloe vera leafs so I can fill the gel into cosmetic containers, for me to use in my bathroom. Since that time in California, I’m a huge fan of aloe vera. Hence the name of my blog 😉

I’ve been using aloe vera ever since and always look out for that ingredient in my beauty products. Last year I was plagued by allergic reactions of my skin to almost everything around me including creams, cold air and the sun . I was forced to stop using any cosmetics and was only able to put on water, aloe gel and some oils. No matter if your skin is dry, irritated, acne prone or just normal – aloe vera brings it back to its natural balance and moisturizes it thoroughly helping your skin fight early aging. No wonder this plant has been used as healing plant for thousands of years. Next to loads of minerals and vitamins aloe contains mono- and polysaccharides (sugar chains), which are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating. Various studies have been made to prove aloe vera’s effectiveness.

While I favor skin care products that contain aloe vera over others, such as the Santaverde Pure Aloe Gel, I prefer the gel in its most natural aloe vera state as possible. You can easily buy it in any health food store or at Amazon. And the very best is to just grow your own plant. It takes about two years for all the nutrients to develop their full potential, but it is definitely worth the wait. I have several plants at my house now and happily make use of them.

Here are some good aloe gels and cremes that are being offered on Amazon:

PS: to fight allergies, you can also mix aloe vera into your juice or smoothie, or get it as a ready-to-drink beverage. Just don’t drink too much of it as it could enhance digestion a bit too much.
Aloe Vera helps your skin with:

(Sun)burns: cooling, reduces redness, heals wounds, rehydrates and tightens skin
Blemished skin: antibacterial, cleans up blemishes, moisturizes flaky skin
Skin Conditions: helps to fight psoriasis, heal minor wounds
Allergies: minimizes allergic reactions of the skin if used topically; if taken orally, e.g. as juice, it reduces such allergies as hay fever

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