The Best Mineral Sunscreens and Everything Else You’ll Need in Your Beach Bag

mineralische Sonnencreme von Coola und eco Cosmetics

Summer is in full swing and we’re all enjoying the sun and hopefully the sea. Unfortunately the sun is only fun if we protect ourselves properly. It’s important to apply sunscreen with a high SPF regularly. I prefer using organic mineral sunscreen as regular brands use chemical sun protection which shields of UVA and UVB rays with ingredients harmful for your body. So look out for mineral sunscreen with active ingredients Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide.

Next weekend I’m off to Bali for some surfing and boat tripping. I’m so excited for this trip that I already started packing. I’ve tested many mineral sun lotions and chose my two favorites to take along on my trip.  Many of the organic sunscreens make you look like a ghost. We don’t really want that, so here are my favorites:

ECO Cosmetics SPF 30 Sun Lotion for sensitive skin with pomegranate and goji

This sun lotion by the German brand ECO Cosmetics is my find of the summer. After I had covered my skin with white, yellow and rosé looking lotions making me look like a ghost or worse, I’ve finally found this one. It absorbs well into the skin without leaving a layer of white and the citrus scent is heavenly. Shea butter nourishes and pomegranate and goji extracts provide an amazing antioxidant treatment. The cream for sensitive skin is ideal for people prone to allergies or sun acne. If you’re into water sports, buy the Surf and Fun lotion with SPF 50. It was created especially for water sports and offers strong protection even in salty water.

COOLA Sport Citrus Mimosa Mineral Sunscreen

I’ve been using and loving the products by COOLA for quite some time. The brand offers a broad range of products for any skin type and occasion. Sunscreens in the COOLA Sport line are especially water resistant. Beeswax, Candelilla and Carnauba wax build a water resistant shield and Zinc and Titanium Dioxide keep away the UV rays. The Citrus Mimosa scent is nice, but sounds a tad better than it scents.

What Else to Pack for a Day at the Beach

  • Thermal water spray by Avène: for allergic, irritated and sensitive skin, to spray and refresh
  • A white sun hat: it provides extra protection for face and ears and keeps the heat away
  • Aloe Vera Gel: After a day in the sun, aloe vera gel is the best option for cooling down skin


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