One of my favorite products of all time is in this little glass bottle. I love to put oil on my skin – oil is one of the best and simplest skin care products and it actually benefits any skin type. For many years now I am using Jasön Organic Aloe Vera Oil, which only consists of sunflower oil and aloe vera barbensis gel and it helped me successfully fight fine lines and dryness. About five years ago I was living in Southern California and realized that over the summer I developed very dry skin and could even find fine lines on my forehead. At the time I was lucky enough to have huge aloe vera plants growing everywhere around my house. So I went aloe vera picking, filled the fresh gel in cosmetic bottles and started a routine of putting it on my face and body about twice a day. My dry lines completely disappeared – until now. Back in Germany I wasn’t able to pick fresh aloe out of my backyard, so I was looking for a substitute and found this bottle of sunflower oil mixed with aloe vera juice. It has only 1 OZ but since you really don’t need a lot, it actually lasts a long time and the price at $ 6.39 is very inexpensive compared to other organic oils.

Good news for everyone with oily skin: oil is actually the best cleanser for you. I have combination skin and  it actually balances out the skin and fights breakouts as long as you clean and exfoliate before you put the oil on. I know it sounds odd to use oil on oily skin, but breakouts are normally not a cause of too much oil but bacteria and dirt in the pores and hormone changes. In fact, oil dissolves oil! Try this oil cleansing method:

Oil cleanse: a muslin cloth,  Jasön Organic Aloe Vera Oil (or regular sunflower or olive oil), and castor oil. Clean your face and lay a muslin cloth bathed in hot water on your face. If you do have a facial sauna system use this for best results. Apply  castor oil to clean out your pores, wait a minute then wipe the oil away and apply aloe vera or any other oil. Depending what effect you want and how dry your skin is,  you can either leave the oil on or wipe it off after a few minutes.

Where to buy:
US: www.jason-personalcare.com


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