My Go-To German Skincare Brands: Lavera, SANTE, La mer

Naturkosmetik von Lavera, Sante und La mer

Since I moved from New York to Munich last year, I’ve decided to write in German and English from now on. For my first bilingual post, I’m featuring a few of my go-to German skincare brands and products that I use every day. You can buy them all either at any drugstore or at the pharmacy in Germany.

La mer Flexible Body: Between Germany’s coastline and its islands lies a unique tidal mud ecosystem called Wadden Sea. You can wander it during low tides. Containing loads of minerals, the sea silt is super healthy for the skin and the body’s circulatory system. La mer uses silt extracts from the sea, calling it the origin of life and beauty. The flexible body lotion containing high mineral sea silt and stimulating algae extracts, nourishes and tightens the skin.  € 24.99

Lavera Bio-Minze 3 in 1 Cleansing, Peeling, Mask: Although it is designed for blemished skin, I believe the combination of active ingredients organic mint, silica and salicylic acid are beneficial for any skin type. Salicylic acid cleanses the pores and removes the upper dead skin layer to expose new and fresh looking skin. Silica is needed to build and sustain a healthy connective tissue. And mint not also smells great, but tones and exfoliates naturally. € 4.99

Sante Shower Gel Happy Blossom: Mallow blossom does not only smell like a sweet and sunny Spring day, but has also been used as a healing plant for ages. Combined with aloe vera juice, it makes a gentle and soothing shower gel.  4.99

Sante Bio Mint Toothpaste: Here we go, some mint again! Why? Because it’s not only good in Mojitos but also in cosmetics thanks to its healing and antibacterial properties. The toothpaste tastes naturally fresh using  fluoride, xylitol and organic sage as active ingredients. The taste is great, the ingredients are all organic and the price is unbeatable. Two thumbs up for that one. € 2.49

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