Why I Love Ginger in Skincare

fresh ginger in skincare

Last week I wrote about the aloe part of why I named my blog Ginger and Aloe. So now it’s time to tell you why I love me some energizing ginger in skincare! To start,  I’m a big believer in this root as one of the most powerful plants on this planet. It doesn’t only taste good with sushi or other Asian cuisine, but every time I have a cold, my go-to home remedy is drinking lots of freshly brewed ginger tea with honey and lemon. And every time not only my sore throat goes away quickly, but my skin gets a radiant glow,  blemishes clear completely and my complexion is smoother than ever. People even tell me that they can’t believe I have a cold because I look so good and fresh (which is not always to my advantage…). So this how I personally discovered the benefits of ginger for my skin.

Why is ginger so beneficial for your health and well-being?

It has been used for thousands of years to help with digestive problems. Ginger is also an important ingredient in ayurvedic medicine. I’ve already mentioned in my post about Go Ginger, that it has antibacterial properties and its ingredient gingerol promotes digestion and balances digestive track by moving out toxins. People drink or eat the root to fight nausea, arthritic pain, flu and many other ailments.  It is my favorite remedy for a sore and inflamed throat due to its inflammatory properties.

Ginger in skincare – how can ginger be beneficial for the skin?

Your skin is often the mirror to your health. Unless you’re blessed with constant beautiful flawless skin, you will probably be able to see blemishes if you are stressed, ate too much greasy food or your liver isn’t working well – because a healthy digestion is mirrored in our appearance. Fresh ginger works internally when consumed as tea or in a meal. It cleanses our bowel by cleaning up deposits in our digestive tract which regulates what stays in our body.

If used topically, it is just as effective without being harsh to sensitive skin. You see ginger in skin care brands. Its antioxidative properties are a great anti-aging booster. Ginger root contains essential oils with such active ingredients as Zingiberol and Geraniol. When you apply it to the skin, in slices or grated,  the area will feel stingy and warm stimulating circulation. That makes ginger a beneficial ingredient for any anti-cellulite treatment. For taught skin, try find it as ingredient (zingiber officinalis) in a DIY scrub or the one from Origins.

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