Just Neem Holiday Spa Gift Set

Neem Spa Gift Set 3

When it’s cold and snowy outside and I’m running around all day preparing for the holidays shopping for presents and attending Christmas parties, my body literally screams for a spa day – or at least a hot and relaxing bath.

That’s why I was super excited to try out the Just Neem Holiday Spa Gift set. The Neem tree is an evergreen which has its origins in Africa and Southern Asia. Neem leaves are bursting with cosmetic and medical benefits: they are natural antiseptics with anti- viral, -fungal, -bacterial and -microbial functions. They also contain high amounts of Vitamin C which helps exfoliate and rejuvenate.

Bath Salt with Neem Tub Tea comes with a reusable tea bag and loose tea leaves combining the healing properties of Neem leaves with the anti-oxidative benefits of green tea and  mineral-high Dead Sea salt (remember my post about Dead Sea minerals). Bathing in Neem tea is therapeutic, immune-boosting and soothing. Any kind of irritations or blemishes heal faster and it is a truly exquisite feeling afterwards. I wish we could just substitute the chlorine in our pools with Neem leaves. ♥♥♥ ” target=”_blank”>$13.95

Green Tea Body Polish uses exfoliating sugar, nourishing oils and neem tea as its main ingredients. The smell is wonderfully green and the scrub is massaging and mild, leaving the skin polished. Put it on dry skin all over body and massage in circular movements, then wash off. ♥♥ ” target=”_blank”>$16.95

Neem Clay Face Mask is wonderful to use before your bath. It may tingle a bit while wearing it, especially if you have sensitive skin, but that just means that the clay and the neem leaves are at work. Afterwards skin feels clean and clear and pores seem smaller. ♥♥♥ ” target=”_blank”>$27.00

The package makes for a great gift, whether to yourself or someone else.

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