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Lovely Day Botanicals Hyaluron Toner and Charcoal Mask

Happy Friday everyone! This week I’ve tried some products by Lovely Day Botanicals, a vegan organic skin care start up from Berlin. I’ve stumbled over their beautiful Instagram account, while looking for products with hyaluronic acid in it. And I’ve found it: the quintessential toner with vegan hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

Lately, I’ve been loving hyaluronic acid in skincare and as supplements. It’s an integral part within our connective tissue, working as a humectant by binding huge amounts of water in our cells. It is not only being used topically, but can also be taken orally to work from the inside of the body. It is also widely  or used in dermal filler injections. Unfortunately most of the hyaluronic acid on the market is made of animal products such as rooster combs. Doesn’t that sound awful? So let’s go back to the good stuff. 😉

All Lovely Day Botanicals products are vegan and packed with potent ingredients. They are completely sans alcohol or perfume and only use a few essential oils. This makes them very gentle for the skin. The design is minimalistic and with under 30 Euros per item, the products are pretty affordable compared to other brands with that kind of quality.

I’ve tested a few. Here are my three favorites by Lovely Day Botanicals:

Lovely Day Botanicals Toner Mask

Hyaluron + BLOOM Toner

Because the Hyaluron + Bloom Toner works so well on my skin, I spritz it right onto my face without using a cotton pad. That way all active ingredients can do their magic: distilled rosewater provides moisture and the hibiscus flowers in which the toner was drained not only have healing effects, but also lend it the pink coloring. My favorite plant aloe vera is being used as well to provide moisture and fight fine lines. Next to vegan hyaluronic acid, the toner contains PHA fruit acids which are being used in peelings to shed off dead skin and promote collagen production.

Tip: If you’re in very dry air, spritz some thermal water like the one by Avene on top, so the hyaluronic acid has enough moisture it can bind.

Charcoal Manuka PHA Mask

The Charcoal Manuka Maske feels calming and smooth without becoming dry like other masks thanks to nourishing argan oil. Rhassoul,volcanic soil from Morocco and active charcoal collaborate in getting the dirt out of the pores. Manuka from New Zealand is anti-inflammatory reducing skin irritations quickly.

Skin Rescue Serum

My best discovery: the Skin Rescue Serum! My skin is super sensitive, reacting allergic and with red rashes all the time. I tested the serum when I had another rash from I-don’t-know-what and it made my redness vanish in no time. Thanks to its high concentration of azulene, the ‘blue tansy’ ingredient is soothing and works as antihistaminic. Other nourishing ingredients are argan and evening primrose oils.

If you’re located in Germany you can order these products online on the website of Lovely Day Botanicals. I’ll keep you updated if and when they ship internationally.

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