New Organic Skincare at Vivaness 2017

Naturkosmetik Neuheiten Organic Skincare News Vivaness Messe 2017

Vivaness is Europe’s biggest trade show of organic skincare. I attended for the first time this year to scout new organic skincare products and was positively overwhelmed by the amount of super interesting brands and products. All big German brands such as Dr. Hauschka and Weleda were present to present their new products and I’ve discovered lots of new brands from France, Asia and the Baltics. Here is a first round-up of newly launched products that are hitting stores this spring/summer.

Birkenstock Natural Care

The biggest surprise for me was seeing comfort shoe brand Birkenstock make an appearance at the trade show. So my obvious first question was: how do shoes and skincare match up? It turns out the cork oak that makes the foot bed in all Birkenstocks so comfortable is also used in each product of their newly launched skincare line. Suberin, which is being extracted from the bark layer of the cork oak, is the active ingredient here. It contains a special net tissue structure which helps distribute active ingredients into the skin evenly. The ingredients read well and the samples I tried feel good on the skin. I’m not a fan of the packaging design, though. But Birkenstock was never known for its fancy designs – up until recently when the streetwear fashion crowd discovered them. Maybe they’ll rethink that part 🙂 They’re going to launch the line in Asia and the US this summer. I’ll keep you updated about when and where.

Organic Beauty News Naturkosmetik Neuheiten Vivaness_Birkenstock


Primavera, best known for its essential oils and broad knowledge of aromatherapy, launched its Yoga Flow series of natural essential oils of myrtle, grapefruit and sandalwood.

Primavera Naturkosmetik Neuheit Primavera Yoga Flow Naturkosmetik Neuheiten

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka has relaunched its makeup line, adding tons of new shades to the palette. 18 different lipstick colors, mascara and powder shades are hitting stores in March. I’ve used their bronzing powder before, which I love,  and am looking forward to try out the new range.

Dr. Hauschka Make Up Organic Skincare News Naturkosmetik Neuheiten

Eco Cosmetics

Eco Cosmetics also launched some new organic skincare products. It now has a new range of skincare and sun protection products for tattooed skin, using ingredients such as Noni to help the tattoo colors to stay strong. The brand took its inspiration from New Zealand’s Maori culture, which has cultivated tattooed skin for thousands of years.

eco cosmetics natukosmetik neuheiten organic skincare news


Weleda was showcasing its new lip balms which are already in stores all over Germany. The balms that come in three different colors are similar to a gloss in their appearance, but nourishing like a balm. My favorite is the berry shade, but I can imagine a blond girl going for the rose as well.

Naturkosmetik Neuheit Vivaness_Weleda_Lipbalm

So this was my feature of some of the big brands that launched their products at Vivaness. I still have more news, which will come in my next post.

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4 Thoughts to “New Organic Skincare at Vivaness 2017”

  1. Huhu!
    Der Birkenstock-Stand war schon orgendwie interessant, oder? Also die Produkte machten jetzt einen hochwertigen Eindruck auf mich. Bin mal gespannt, wie sich das im Verkauf durchsetzen wird!
    Ich war auch zum ersten Mal auf der Messe und genau wie schreibst, einfach erschlagen von Eindrücken 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

    1. gingerandaloe

      Hi Sunny,

      ja total 🙂 vor Allem weil ich auch den aktiven Wirkstoff Suberin vorher noch nicht kannte. Generell war die Messe echt toll. Wer mir nächstes Jahr auf Jedenfall noch mehr Zeit dafür nehmen!

      Liebe Grüße, Isabelle

  2. Interesting!
    What are the most interesting new brands that you saw? any korean green beauty brands? x

    1. gingerandaloe

      Hi Audrey!

      K-Beauty wasn’t really present except for Whamisa. I guess it isn’t that big yet in Germany. I’ve menthioned it in my latest post about the trends I’ve discovered at Vivaness. Dabba Cosmetics from Latvia and Calamansa from Spain are super interesting brands, Check them out 🙂

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