Organic Beauty Trends in 2017

Organic Beauty Trends in 2017

In my second post about my experience at Vivaness, I’m going to talk about a few things I’ve seen multiple times at the show, whether it was ingredients or packaging, that I feel are some of the organic beauty trends in 2017. This is my very own observation, so please feel free to let me know if you’ve discovered other trends.

1. Superfood Skincare

It reads like my morning breakfast: berries, goji, rosehip, chia seeds and matcha are just a few of the active ingredients found in many skincare products these days and it was omnipresent at Vivaness. I love this fact so much. “Eat superfood and use it as your skincare, too”, has been my mantra for years. In fact, this is exactly why I started Ginger and Aloe. By now, so many brands are boosting their skincare with extracts of highly potent edible plants that it is

2. Wellness Lifestyle

While yoga is mainstream by now, there is a trend in the health community towards a lifestyle that is inspired by ancient knowledge combined with ease of living. So this year at Vivaness we could see skincare for surfers, yogis and tattooed skin. Eco Cosmetics did good with an instagram worthy booth set up and and their new range centered around a surfer-traveller-tattoo lifestyle. Aromatherapy brand Primavera has developed a yoga collection, with an award winning yoga mat spray, a room scent and a shower gel and body oil for your morning ritual.

3. Masking 

At Vivaness almost every brand had some kind of facial masks. Sheet masks by Korean beauty brand Whamisa were highly sought after at Vivaness 2017. K-Beauty, skincare made in Korea, is a thing in the US and UK for some time now and I expect it to become more and more popular in Germany and central Europe as well. Naveen, an organic beauty brand from Taiwan, also offered sheet masks. Luvos Heilerde, displayed different masks with clay and I’ve seen lots of brands using clay, especially pink clay in their products. Mostly found in masks, more and more are also brands are launching shower gels and creams that contain pink clay.

4. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid was the star of 2016 and is continuing to gain more presence in organic beauty products. Especially toners were packed with Hyaluronic acid, but also facial creams and highly concentrated shots were offered. Therefore I believe hyaluronic acid continues to be a highly sought after ingredient and is an organic beauty trend in 2017 as well.

6. Anti-inflammatory Skincare

Two years ago I stopped blogging on Ginger and Aloe because I suffered from Rosacea and hyper-allergic skin. It was a tough time for me and I didn’t feel like talking about it. By now, I know that many people have the same issues as I do. I’ve found a way to keep the redness outbreaks at bay. Making sure no dirt and bad bacteria can populate the skin is sometimes tough, especially if you live in an urban area. So I’m super happy to see more organic brands catering to issues like hyper-allergy, rosacea and neurodermatitis. Many  brands such as Santaverde , Bioturm or the French So Bio Etic have an entire range to treat these problems. Santaverde and So Bio Etic use Aloe Vera gel, by the way! Sneak Peak: Lavera will launch a day cream that works as a shield to protect the pores against dirt.

6. Natural Conservation

Organic products ideally work without any synthetic conservation. But to make products last longer, many brands use alcohol to protect from bacteria. Alcohol can dry out the skin which counters the product’s goal of hydrating the skin. A solution to save skincare from oxidation and bacteria are airless dispensers. I’ve seen many brands using these dispensers now. Another natural way of conserving skincare products is radish root ferment filtrate. This antimicrobial ingredient is an organic alternative to phenoxyethanol and parabens.

7. Nordish by Nature

Brands such as  Urtekram, Dabba Cosmetics and MADARA, three Northern European brands get their ingredients directly from their home turf. Active ingredients include arctic moss, forest lake mud, nordic herbs, and tree extracts. Extracts from nordic plants are found to be highly potent as these plants are able to store all the nutrients they need in high concentration to survive the dark and cold winter months.

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  1. Enjoyed this! I’m not much into trends but I am very much interested in the Super Food Skincare, Masking (Which i surprisingly don’t do as much as well as adding that hyaluronic acid to my regimen.

    1. gingerandaloe

      I feel you, I try to do more masking as it is such a good way to give your skin all the nutrients it needs.

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