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natural organic cosmetic spa in münchen

It’s been a few weeks since I had my facial at the OrganicSeries – natural organic cosmetic Spa in Munich, but I still have found memories of the treatment. The spa is centrally located on Fraunhoferstrasse in Munich’s Gärtnerplatzviertel. I just walked past it one day, not recognizing the brand. So I made some research and talked to the Munich CEO about OrganicSeries. This is what I found: the brand is from Poland and is mainly used in spas. It contains 98% certified organic active ingredients. Additionally, every product is 100% natural and vegan. The ingredients are sourced from ecological and sustainable farming. They’re orchestrated in a way that each ingredient enhances the other’s properties for best results. Initially designed for spa treatments, you can buy any product with the exact same formula in the adjacent store.

All this sounded so good to me, I was happy to accept the invitation to a facial treatment.  My appointment is on a weekday evening, which is perfect for winding down after a stressful day at work. Ramona, the facialist welcomes me with a nice cup of tea, we sit down and chat for a while about the store natural organic cosmetic and the skincare line OrganicSeries. Since Ramona is a biologist, she’s able to give very competent and in-depth answers to all my questions. I learn that all plant extracts are hydrolates and no essential oils are used, which is good news for allergy prone skin. Shelf-life is prolonged using an airless packaging system. No alcohol is used to preserve the product!

My Facial with OrganicSeries

At this spa, you don’t book a certain treatment, but a time period of 30 or 60 minutes facials. The treatment follows a 5-step regimen in which products for each step are individually selected according to the skin type. All products can be combined with each other so that every face truly receives its unique facial.

During treatments the front door of the store is locked, to make sure nothing and no one disturbs. A comfortable chair, blanket and some soothing music set a relaxing atmosphere. First, my face is being cleansed thoroughly in multiple steps, of which my favorite was the gentle bamboo exfoliator.  Next all my zits get extracted and even my eyebrows shaped. This step is usually followed by an AHA peeling based on mandelic and glycolic acid, but due to my hypersensitive skin, we skip this step. So next I receive the anti-redness-serum to activate my skin. I think it is mixed a little with hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, just like the rest of my body, my skin doesn’t like the Bordeaux red wine extract. I’m testing this weird allergy again and again, but I still have it. We proceed on to my favorite part of the treatment: the cooling pink cranberry algae mask with white clay. I love it. The cooling and calming effect of the mask plus a neck massage makes me doze off… Peace out. The facial finishes with a hydrating and protecting face cream. Off I go into the night, happy and deeply relaxed.

OrganicSeries – natural organic cosmetic. Fraunhoferstrasse 39, 80469 Munich


Behandlungsraum OrganicSeries

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